Health & Wellness Webinars in the Age of COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, the planning committee for our 8th Annual Get Fit Selma! has proposed a series of health and wellness webinars (webinars are video and audio presentations that you will be able attend on your computer, tablet or smart phone).  On these webinars we will discuss some of the most serious challenges to our well being in the Selma-Dallas County area.  We are currently recruiting the best of our medical professionals to address these issues, and will launch these webinars in September 2020.  

  • Launch date: Between 9:30 am and 10:00 am, Saturday, August 22, 2020 through Saturday, September 19, 2020

  • Topics: 
    Managing Type II Diabetes and Chronic Conditions During and After the Pandemic
    Presenter – TBA
    Staying Healthy During and After the Pandemic; the Importance of Nutrition and Physical Activity
    Ms. Ellen McKnight, The Maxine Firm

    Increase awareness of the challenges to health services and related resources in Dallas County, Alabama during the COVID-19 and the impact of reduced funding and closure of rural hospitals in a pandemic
    Mr. David McCormack, CEO Vaughan Regional Medical Center

  • Platform: Zoom Webinars

Sponsorships between $2,000 and $100 are available for this project. Contact Stephanie Hamm at Benefits will include a naming opportunity, participation in these webinars, placement on the webinar screen and logo on this web page. Sponsorship opportunities are attached.

Watch here for updates.

Planning Committee: Cassandra Ford, Janice Parker, Stephanie Hamm and Bill Hamm

Special Development & Autism Program

In 2013 Dr.Bruce Taylor designated Get Fit Selma! as a service to the community and a fundraiser for programming at McRae-Gaines Learning Center.  Additionally, over the past five years, McRae-Gaines has attracted children with developmental delays including those on the autism spectrum disorder.  These children and their families have touched the hearts of our teachers. 

It is our plan to open the 2020-2021 school year with a better-funded and resourced program for these children and to continue development of the program for the community of Selma together with other childcare centers and pre-schools.  This year we ask our major sponsors to support the Special Development and Autism Program as they have so generously supported Get Fit Selma! over the past seven years.  

Our goal for this ambitious project is to raise $15,000 to invest in training for our teachers through the Regional Autism Network (RAN) at Auburn University and for better tools for the teachers as they work with this special group of students.  Please see the attached sponsorship opportunities and contact Stephanie Hamm at


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