Greetings from McRae-Gaines Learning Center!

I am writing you again as parents of McRae-Gaines students to update you on our progress to move into the NEW SCHOOL! We continue to renovate Cedar Park Elementary School to provide a safer and more edifying space in which your children can be cared for and learn.

We are so grateful to God, as well as to our Board of Directors and their work with Selma City Schools, the School Board and Selma City Council for this new home. We have just replaced all the ceiling tiles in the school and will start painting everything on November 2nd.

In addition, we are still trying to raise the funds to then replace all the flooring and room dividers, to totally clean and disinfect the entire school, refurnish the library and to complete other tasks before we move in. In fact, we have a GoFundMe Campaign to raise at least $25,000 toward this work. I wanted to share it with you so that perhaps you know some people who can help. Our motto is, “GIVE a little and SHARE a lot!”

Once we get the kitchen in order, we will be doing some “Chicken Plate Sales,” and perhaps some “Rib Plate Sales,” to raise even more. Watch for our announcements, give yourself a break from cooking dinner and spread the word about these fundraisers. Come by and get a quick tour of what the Transition Committee is doing to open our NEW SCHOOL when you pick up your plates.

It is our hope to get all the work completed by the end of the year and to move in in January 2021. You will receive a personal invitation to join us again!  You can register in advance by filling out the attached application. Fax it to 334-872-8194 or email it to to my attention.

God bless you and your families.

Sadie M. Moss

Mrs. Sadie M. Moss
McRae-Gaines Learning Center