Invest in our children, teachers, physical plant and our future by a one-time or recurring donation to our school.  You can make the donation general in nature or specify one of the categories below.  McRae-Gaines is a private, non-profit education initiative.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Teacher Recognition Fund

Our teachers work long hours to make sure that our children receive the best possible education – certified by the McRae-Gaines stamp of success.

Guardian Angel Fund

The Guardian Angel Fund provides scholarship assistance to families in need, keeping an MGLC education affordable.  It also provides funds for unforeseen emergencies in our building.

Let's Connect MGLC

Goal: $85,000. McRae must make technology available to our students to prepare them for the 21st century.  By educating innovators we will shape tomorrow in the Alabama Black Belt.

Get Fit Selma! Health & Fitness Festival

Get Fit Selma! is a half day of health-filled activities for the whole family, focused on a commitment to fight the major illnesses in the Black Belt through physical activity and healthy nutrition.  Local medical professionals provide free screenings for hypertension, Type II diabetes, dental, vision and other major health conditions.