These are Satellite Views of the 5K Course

This shot shows the Start/Finish line with the library and gymnasium to the east.  Runners go north, then west and north again until they reach the Trooper Academy, where they proceed east.  The route then turns north after the Trooper Academy.

Here the runners cross the parking lot in back of the Trooper Academy and come out onto Merrifield Drive where they turn right to follow the street and you will have a police escort as long as you are on Merrifield Drive.  At this turn, you have completed about .58 miles.

Now you are running east along Merrifield Drive.

This view shows the route as it continues along Merrifield Drive and where the route turns north.

Here the course keeps north to the turn around point that is clearly marked.  From this point retrace your steps back to the campus and the Start/Finish line.  The turn around point is located 1.55 miles from the start.