These are Satellite Views of the 5K Course

This shot shows the Start/Finish line by the new sidewalk to the west of the school.  You start by running south along this driveway to Woodrow Avenue and turn RIGHT (West) onto Woodrow.  

Here the runners follow the avenue until reaching Thomas Drive (about .42 miles).  Rurn left onto Thomas Drive and then left onto King Lane (about .5 miles) and then left onto Madison Drive. 

Then turn right back onto Woodrow Avenue (.72 miles) and head back East going past the school.

Follow Woodrow Ave. east to the traffice light at N. Broad Street and turn right (approx 1.0 miles) and follow N. Broad south to Magum Aneue where you will turn right.

Follow Mangum Avenue West to the Tally-Ho parking lot where you will make a u-turn around the pylons and head back East along Mangum Avenue.  When you get to Elm Street (the stop sign), turn right and follow Elm Street to Agee Avenue where you will turn left (1.94 miles).

Follow Agee Avenue East to N. Church Street where you will turn right /South (2.02 miles).  Follow Church Street to Dawson Avenue and turn left/East to N. Broad Street (2.4 miles).

Turn left onto N. Broad Street and proceed North to the light at Woodrow Avenue (2.95 miles).  Then turn lrft onto Woodrow Avenue, turn right onto the left-hand driveway and proceed to the stop/finish line.  Congratulations!!!