Registration, Liability Waiver and Race Agreement

In consideration of the acceptance of this registration entry, I assume complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur during my participation in this race or while on the premises of this event. I am fully aware of the risks and hazards inherent in participating in the Event and elect to voluntarily participate. I fully realize, waive, hold harmless and covenant not to sue the McRae-Gaines Learning Center and all other persons and entities associated with this event, together with their officers, directors, shareholders, successors and assigns (collectively “sponsors”) from all liability, for any loss, damage and any and all claims or demands on account of any injury or damage, whether caused by the negligence of all or any of the sponsors or otherwise in connection with my participation in the Event. I agree to the use of my name and photograph in broadcasts, newspapers and other media without compensation. In the event the Event is delayed or cancelled for any reason, including but not limited to: fire, disaster, flood, acts of God or the elements (including rain and hail), or other cause beyond the control of the sponsors, there shall be no refund of the entry fee or any other costs. It is my express intent that this Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement shall bind the members of my family and spouse, my heirs, assigns and personal representatives, and shall by governed by the laws of the State of Alabama.

I have read this Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement and by checking the box on the registration form I agree to the terms of this Waiver Agreement. 

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